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"We mean green"

Why Prasino Cleaning?

Did You Know...?

From all the chemicals used in households, air inside homes are more polluted than the air outside. 

Everyday cleaning solutions leave behind hazardous chemicals that our extremely dangerous for people, especially for babies and pets. They have chemicals that make their way into the environment via air and water. 

Many non-organic cleaning solutions have been linked to cause various forms of cancer, as well as numerous respiratory problems, including asthma.

Most household cleaning products release chemicals known as VOCs into the earth's atmosphere, which depletes our ozone layer. 


Prasino Cleaning is a fun and professional cleaning company, that provides a superior cleaning experience while using environmentally friendly cleaning products. We, like you care about being green conscious and using organic products. Thats why we use only green cleaners that your familiar with and deliver our service to your doorstep in one of our gas efficient hybrid vehicles. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed

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