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About Prasino Cleaning

At Prasino, we are committed to providing you with the best quality green cleaning.  We know that as much as you hate bacteria, it’s not very likely you’ll be walking around in a hazardous body suit to stay free from germs and chemical toxins. Although that would be a not so fashionable solution, we have another solution to offer. Let us clean for you! We can help eliminate some of that harmful bacteria from your home without using dangerous cleaning solutions. We strive to exceed your expectations by using biodegradable and toxin-free products that are free of harsh chemicals. 

We are determined to clean your house with products that will keep toxins not only out of the air but also out of your drains, water and soil. So let us do the dirty and green work for you! Let us clean your house while you go out on the town, get some grocery shopping done, take a trip to the spa, or how about even have brunch with some close friends? And when you arrive back home, you will have the peace and assurance of knowing that your are returning to an excellently cleaned and toxin free home!


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